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This historic property was originally part of a Spanish land grant of approximately 284 acres (probably in Sonoma county at that time) to a French family named Domay. The original house was built in 1895 on a hill 500 feet above the valley floor, giving rise to magnificent views in all directions. The Gager brothers, first known owners, raised farm animals on the ranch. The farmhouse was surrounded by the walnut orchards, native oak, buckeye, California laurel and bay trees.


Philipe E. Dietz bought the ranch in the late fifties. Dietz owned the local Calistoga hardware; he also sold real estate. In addition to the well water, he brought city water up to the property. In 1963 Dietz offered the entire property for sale at $100,000, but the ranch did not sell so he sub-divided the property into parcels. The farmhouse, basalt brick house and pole barn were sold as a 13 acre piece. The Hayes family bought the property. Jeanie McGuire later bought the property from the Hayes family. Rob and Mary Morrow bought the property in 1998.



In 2011-2013 Robert and Mary Morrow did an extensive renovation lifting the vintage cottage up allowing for a new foundation with modern infrastructure (radiant heat) and new wiring and electrical systems. Hardwired wifi and sound systems were installed throughout the house. The farm house “bones” are the middle floor and have all the original redwood tongue and groove wall boards that have not been repainted in some areas and a new kitchen (except vintage cabinets in the pantry) and baths throughout the house. A master loft bedroom, dressing area and bath are now in the original attic.


The main house is in fact a “tree house”. Its relationship to the tree canopy offers a sensory experience. The surrounding porches and many windows invite you to gaze out. The north/east has dappled light; quiet composure. The south/west offers bright sunlight and expansive vineyard views.

Also on the property is the original pole barn built in the late 1800’s. It was deconstructed and rebuilt in 2010 with the original redwood boards and poles on the interior. The rebuild incorporated radiant heat and a hardwired wifi sound system.


In addition, a one level residence was built in the 30’s by Gustavo Normali, an Italian local, who built many of these small basalt brick houses around the valley. The small three bedroom house was completely renovated in 2001. Improvements include: new kitchen which opens to living/dining area with working fireplace, two new baths, laundry and pantry area with bamboo floors. New windows and doors open to the woodland patio/garden with glorious views of Mt. St. Helena.



The Doll House was built as a playhouse in the 1980’s. An adjoining outdoor bathhouse and deck with views was added in 2005.

The gardens were created by the Morrows over the last 23 years. The upper area around the massive majestic valley oak was enhanced by landscape designer Rodger Warner. The oak anchors the north corner of the house and creates the quite atmosphere where one can view the stunning view the stunning view of the Palisades and Mt. St. Helena. The lower terraced garden and pool was designed by Gary Ratway. A very old (at least 150 years) unusual horizontal Doug fir anchors the southeast corner of the house. According to psychic experts the area under the three is a very auspicious energy field. Additionally, the lower garden was a Ginkgo tree with fan shaped leaves which offers glorious golden foliage.


The property is magical.

You can feel the mystical energy when you enter the gates.

No matter who visits our property,

Everyone pauses.


It literally takes your breath away.


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